The Last Dance has captivated all of us in this time of no sports and it certainly has raised plenty of questions years later about certain players, events and even decisions on who is on the "The Dream Team". The director of the films Bad Boys (about the Detroit Pistons who won titles in 1989 and 1990) and The Dream Team, Zak Levitt, joined the show to talk about his experiences with Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer and Isiah Thomas and helps us navigate some of the issues that were raised back up in the Jordan doc. Listen above and weekdays from 10 AM to 1 PM.


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick should make a push for veteran quarterback Andy Dalton.  Why not? It won’t cost him much money, and Dalton after a decade as the starter in Cincinnati, can still play at a high level. All Dalton needs is better coaching, a better scheme, and better players surrounding him. Dalton had a good run with the Bengals, and deserves a shot to play on a good team before his career is over. Dalton is better than Jarett Stidham, that I promise you.

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