It's not often  I agree with the President of the United States but I totally am with President Obama when he says we have become a nation of whiners and cryers. I paraphrase what the president says but the point is he is spot on. Take the latest crying concerning the  College Football Landscape...Waaaaaaaaaah the BCS isn't fair..Rematch isn't fair..The system sucks and isn't fair...Wah.Wah.Wah. You would think a good  life and prosperity hinges on the BCS..1st off I reject the notion of fair. What does that word even mean? I could give you 10 things in my life that aren't "fair". Everyone reading this could do the same yet the BCS has become the dumping ground for all that seems isn't "fair" .  Is it "fair" that the Chiefs could beat the Raiders twice and not go to the playoffs? Is it "fair" that the Philly Eagles have the best  record in the division yet are mired in 3rd place? Is it fair is it fair is it fair--Yes it's fair. because in life you get what you earn not what's "fair". Here is what is "fair"-That every Saturday we get playoff games-college playoff games and those that don't lose or don't lose at the wrong time will get the chance to play for the championship while others whose timing isn't good or whatever don't..

I will say I am not a big fan of a rematch game in college but if Alabama wins against Auburn and LSU can somehow beat Arkansas and  Georgia in the SEC titale game then a rematch it shall be. That brings me to my last point in defending the BCS for the 10,000th time-and shows how dumbed down College fans have become. they will whine and whine and whine about  some dumb playoff system yet the worst thing are these stupid  Conference championship games and that brings to me to the next point-In a time when so many are jealous about others money intake and want a piece of others incomes the BCS actually costs schools money while these Title games bring in a fortune thus that's why they are played YET NO ONE WHINES ABOUT THOSE. Dang right the BCS is fair and wonderful. The Oklahoma States,Oklahoma's,Little Boise,Stanford and Oregon all have lost in the last  3 weeks. Too damned bad. You lost at the wrong time to the wrong opponent. get over it..And the best is when I hear BCS crybaby tell me about a playoff-a 4 team or 8 team playoff..No number 5 won't cry it's "unfair" or Number 9 the same..By the way the NCAA basketabll playoffs started as what 16 teams but was "unfair' so to 32 it went.."unfair said the cryers so to 64 it went..Still not  "fair" they moaned so to 65 it went..oh still not "fair" ok now we are at 68..So I guess at 68 team 69,70 etc are still bawling "it's not fair"..Tough life isn't "fair". The BCS and College Football remain the only sport where the regular season matters and every week is a must win or possible peril. That is FAIR!