Of the six candidates for the Yankees managerial job, Aaron Boone would have been my first choice. Just an observation from afar, Boone has always seemed affable and knowledgeable either as an analyst in the booth of an ESPN broadcast or in the Baseball Tonight studio.

I don't think being "young" is going to be a prerequisite of all manager hirings in the future. Boone is 44 years old, by the way. I do, however, think a youthful mentality is going to be one of most highly regarded pieces of criteria going forward. Often as it applies to everyday life, I believe age is just a number when it comes to how people are viewing the game of baseball. By all accounts, Aaron Boone has a great grasp on the analytic world that exists in the sport of baseball. Couple that with his outgoing personality and sense of humor and Boone should be the perfect fit in the clubhouse as well as in front of the media.

No one knows how Boone will do any better than his friend and longtime colleague Karl Ravech:

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