This Syracuse men's basketball team has really struggled this season.  The program in general over the past few years just has not been very good.  You wonder when it's time for head coach Jim Boeheim to finally retire and wonder if he is really helping or getting in the way.  Syracuse needs to hope that some of their current players return next season and they bring in a great recruiting class.  The only chance Cuse has is to run the table and somehow win the ACC tournament in March.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in the Times Union:

What has happened to the Syracuse men’s basketball team? A few months ago, they were playing like a team that was close to putting it together, but lately they look like a team that can’t wait for the season to end. When they got rolled by a mediocre Duke team at the Dome, it was clear that this season was not going to end well. Syracuse never had a chance at Clemson and now their only chance of making the NCAA Tournament is by winning the ACC tournament and getting the automatic bid. With the way their playing, that seems very unlikely.

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MJ and I discussed Syracuse yesterday morning right here on Big Board Sports.  We both agree that they are in deep trouble and something has to change within the program.  Below is our full conversation on this.

Only three games remain for the Orange in the regular season and then it is on to the ACC tournament which will be their last hope as making the NCAA Tournament in March.

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