One of the best rivalries in all of sports is renewed this weekend as the New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox again.  This time the series will be at Fenway Park after playing a three game series at Yankee Stadium in which the Red Sox took two out of three.  The Yankees offense continues to struggle without Aaron Judge or Harrison Bader in the lineup or out in the outfield on a daily basis.  The Red Sox still aren't very good either but have for some reason had the better of the New York Yankees recently.  I don't know what it is but Alex Cora appears to be the superior manager in these matchups as opposed to Aaron Boone.  It doesn't really matter at the end of the day because both teams are chasing the Tampa Bay Rays.  It is always entertaining when these two teams play each other and it is good overall for Major League Baseball.

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MJ and I had on our good friend Tim Kurkjian earlier this morning right here on Big Board Sports as we always do every Friday.  Tim dove into everything in the MLB with us including how he thinks both the Sox and Yanks are playing right now.  He talked a little Mets as well and previewed the Red Sox and Yankees matchup with us.  Below is our full interview with him.

I anticipate it will be a very good series and both teams will at least win a game.  I really hope the Yankees can start to play better without Aaron Judge as they look much worse without their big superstar.

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