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Old New York City Rivals Still Going at It
Their rivalry is nearly 140 years old and it all started about 3 hours south of Albany in New York City. One started as the New York Gothams in 1883. The other came to town a year later. They were known as the Brooklyn Atlantics. Their battles have been many, 2,535 to be exact. One, once known as the Gothams holds a slight edge of 1270 victories over the former Atlantics 1248 triumphs. The two have come to 17 draws but those were many years ago.
Should the Yankees Bring Back Manager Aaron Boone?
The roller coaster of being a New York Yankees manager has been riding since the Babe Ruth days a century ago. When the final out was recorded on Tuesday night in Boston and the Yankees had lost to the Red Sox 6-2 in the American League Wild Card game, Aaron Boone was no longer under contract to manage any more games for his team.
New York Yankees on the Wrong Side of the Equation
The Wild Card game wasn't exactly the goal that Hal Steinbrenner had for his franchise this year. But baseball can be a cruel game. If Giancarlo Stanton hits that baseball a fraction of a millimeter differently in the 6th inning on Tuesday, that game is tied and there may have been a different result. But he didn't and there wasn't. That is what baseball does. It is extremely humbling.
"Bronxie the Turtle" Pacing New York Yankees
The New York Yankees went into last Friday night's game with a new weapon. According to ESPN.com's Sam Borden, "Bronxie the Turtle" has been added to the Bronx Bombers roster, well maybe just the locker room. Following the sweep of the Texas Rangers last week, the young turtle was so much a part of the team that the players took Bronxie on the road to Boston for the 3 game sweep of the Red Sox!
3 Games Will Make a Season for New York Yankees
They have battled the ups and downs of 156 games of Major League Baseball, played through, hopefully, the back end of a pandemic. They weathered the criticisms of the media, as their $200 million dollar payroll dipped precariously out of the playoff picture. The experts wondered aloud if Hal Steinbrenner would drastically part ways with the steady hand of general manager Brian Cashman. Or, as most think would be the likely outcome, would Aaron Boone take the hit for his underperforming squad? 3 games may answer everyone's questions.
New York Yankees Embrace Fall Run
The New York Yankees had been struggling to find that identity that carried them through a blistering late August, 13 game winning streak. The Bombers were coming off of a disappointing weekend last week after Cleveland pasted them twice. Three wins against the Texas Rangers prior to heading into Boston on Friday was a good tune-up for the wild playoff atmosphere in Fenway Park this weekend. Six head to head games with the two teams you are fighting for playoff spots is just the way the New York Yankees franchise likes it.
Wild Weekend in Boston for New York Yankees
Baseball schedulers couldn't have scripted the 2021 baseball season any better. A storybook ending for the American League Wild Card race will maybe somehow would put the icing on the COVID 19 plagued season. Maybe it will make the players forget the impending termination of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the untrustworthy owners. Nah but the final week will be WILD!

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