"I just felt like it was a big weight off my shoulders by telling somebody and letting the team know." These are the words of New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, after he let his manager Joe Girardi, and other coaches know about his alcohol addiction.

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Sabathia was on "Good Morning America" Friday, and told Robin Robins what took place just days before the Yankees were entering the American League playoffs.  After the team clinched the playoffs in Baltimore Sabathia went on a 48 hours bender by himself in his hotel room. Only to wake up and not remember any of it "I woke up on that Sunday and was like, 'I can't do this no more,'" Sabathia said during an extensive interview this week with the Daily News at Roc Nation headquarters. "I came in on Sunday and felt like I needed to get some help. I know it was bad timing, but I felt like if I didn't tell somebody then, I would have been in real trouble."

Sabathia would go on to say "I would have been in rehab the whole time worried about who knows, this and that, what's getting out," Sabathia said. "I was tired of being in the dark about it, hiding about it. I had dealt with it from the end of '12 all the way up until that point. It was just exhausting. That was more exhausting than actually drinking - trying to hide the drinking."

CC admitted that he has never drank alcohol before a start, but would immediately after.You can only praise a person for doing this for themselves, all the people that were upset because it was right before the playoffs don't understand the sickness.

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