This news came out yesterday... Yoenis Cespedes is a Gold Glove winner. In the American League.

In case you forgot, Cespedes spent the final two months of the regular season with the New York Mets of the NATIONAL LEAGUE.

Cespedes beat out Alex Gordon of the Royals and Brett Gardner of the Yankees.

This is ridiculous. Cespedes played 99 games for the Tigers. He played barely 2/3 of the season in the American League.

Gordon, by contrast, played 101 games in LF after missing time with injury. He played in the AL the entire season...

People were talking about awarding Cespedes the MVP in the National League for his two months in a Met uniform. That has been rebuffed constantly because it's not enough time to win a season-long league award, so why is this any different?

Rubin added this on Cespedes' stats:

In 99 games in left field with the Tigers, Cespedes accumulated 11 defensive runs saved, the most of any left fielder in the American League. He had four more Defensive Runs Saved at the position with the Mets, though he primarily played center field for them.

The decision also caught backlash on social media, as several fans went to Twitter to express displeasure:

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