Unfortunately for Siena Saints men's basketball fans, this year's team did not get an opportunity to compete in the NCAA tournament. The regular season MAAC champions were guaranteed postseason play either in the NIT or NCAA tournament if they won the MAAC postseason tournament. That word "guaranteed" no longer fit after both all three tournaments were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

What some fans may not realize is what happened following the MAAC tournament to the Siena team. Coach Carm shares below how his team had to take extra precaution following a referee testing positive for the illness. What happened during those days? Does Coach believe seniors should have another year of eligibility? Plus find out what Coach Carm's favorite movies and television shows are to binge over the next few weeks.

To hear the full interview with Coach Carm, click on the link below.

What do you think of Coach Carm's picks? Do you agree with his favorite television show or favorite movie? Let us know some of the shows/movies you have been watching here.


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