Colin Cowherd had some harsh words for Derrick Rose based on some comments the 2011 NBA MVP made in a postgame press conference.

Derrick Rose did what good teammates do.  Instead of pointing the finger at any of his teammates, he pointed the finger at himself.  ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd bashed Rose for doing this.  That's absolutely ridiculous.

Granted, Derrick Rose's teammates disappeared at times.  Carlos Boozer had a rough series.  The most noteworthy thing Joakim Noah did in the series was get fined $50 thousand dollars for hurling a gay-slur at a fan. 

Yes, Derrick Rose didn't have an MVP-caliber series.  But bashing his teammates would have instantly made Rose a poor leader.  A great teammate will point a finger at himself before anyone else.  That's something to applaud, not bash.  Bad take, Cowherd.


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