Biff Henderson visits the New York Yankees at spring training.  There are a few hilarious moments, including a great interaction with Reggie Jackson.


Biff Henderson represented the Late Show with David Letterman well when he paid a visit to the New York Yankees at spring training in Tampa.  Biff asked several funny questions.  My personal favorite is when he asked Reggie Jackson to describe the infield fly rule in three words or less (1:03 mark).  Reggie's reaction is priceless.

I also love the reaction by Joba Chamberlain, David Wells, and Derek Jeter when Biff busted out the Mitt Romney prop.  Their reactions were all very funny.  You'll have a chance all next week to see Derek Jeter and company in person by winning Yankee tickets on "The Noe Show" and "Game On with Bruce Jacobs."  Each Yankee game broadcasted on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio will contain a message at the top of the hour which mentions the time you can qualify to win the tickets on our local shows.  Good luck!

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