Oh this is getting good now, if you are a Yankee fan that is. So it seems that David Ortiz, himself a roid cheater, is supporting fellow cheater Alex Rodriguez, even if it means throwing his own team under the bus.

Ortiz told the USA today newspaper that he disagree's with Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster hitting Rodriguez Sunday night in Boston.

Ortiz makes a good point I must say, claiming that it woke up the monster, however he did that at the expense of his own team mate..Well so much for winning together and bleeding together I guess. Seems roid cheaters stick together better then team mates.

Now it should be noted that the Yanks started playing better before the Red Sox series, a series the Yanks won 2 of 3. They have continued their winning ways taking the 1st 3 games of the current series vs Toronto. A day game beckons on Thursday as New York goes for the 4 game sweep.

Ortiz called Dempster a great guy, then went on flapping his gums how he disagreed with the decision to throw at Rodriguez.

Big Papi as he is known said to the USA today " We have Tampa right on our heels, and that pitch woke up a monster in the Yankees team at that moment. You saw how the game ended up. You are talking about a good team that you can't wake up. We learn from our mistakes."

Ortiz also is a drug cheat. Unlike Rodriguez who is a worse roid cheat however, Ortiz failed a drug test, claiming he didn't know how the illegal substances got in his body. He also promised to get to the bottom of the truth and let the world know. Course that has never happened and never will.

Meanwhile back to the ball on the field. The Yanks have pulled within 4 games of the final wild card spot, currently being held by the Oakland A's. they trail 1st place Tampa by 6.5 games.

Perhaps the dumbest thing said by Ortiz is this now bandied about talking point how the baseball is a weapon and shouldn't be thrown at people. Sounds good right? yeah that same weapon that was coming off the bat of the roid cheats at a faster speed then if they weren't juicing. Funny how that "weapon" talking point" falls faint when faced with the facts. That "weapon" didn't seem to bother Ortiz, Rodriguez, or other roid cheats when they were blasting baseballs all over the yard while muscling up on the juice.


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