There are times I look around and feel like I've finally made it in this world. One of those times happened today when my friend John Swedish from Death Wish Coffee paid off our Fantasy Football bet. The Death Wish Coffee Fantasy Football League is always one of my favorites to compete in not just because I love my friends at DWC but also because a listener gets to join every year as well. This year was even sweeter because I WON and this SWEET SWEET personalized mug was on the line.

The wager was if I won John and the crew would get specialized Levack and Goz mugs made. This was a huge motivator for me because I actually collect the DWC mugs. They all have a unique style and whenever someone is over and drinks from one a conversation is sure to follow. I had no idea they could even really make them for us so, to be honest, I never thought I'd really get them and if I did I never thought they'd have a literal picture of Goz and myself on them. I loved them so much I had to video Goz seeing them for the first time.

In case you didn't catch it John Swedish is a die-hard member of Bills Mafia and Goz promised he'd get him into Bills' camp so that's why Goz has a Bills Mafia shirt on.

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