The Mets might be down 2-0, but they're headed to Citi Field for Game 3 with their own National League rules. How big will the designated hitter factor be?

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"Huge," said ESPN's Buster Olney. "I think it potentially has a huge impact. Kendrys Morales is the number one run producer on the Royals and now you take him out of the lineup, and they don’t have as much depth.

"The Royals, theoretically, could have an alternative of sticking Eric Hosmer out in right field. But you guys have seen him play first base, besides the error the other night, I’ve heard comparisons to Keith Hernandez. It’s very difficult in a national game and a national league city to take a defender like that off the field.

"On top of that, Hosmer’s only played three innings in the outfield in the last two years. The Royals are going to go with Hosmer at first base and have a great pinch hitter in Kendrys Morales."

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