With Monday night's victory in the national championship, Mike Krzyzewski secured his fifth title, second most all-time, behind only John Wooden. Dick Vitale explained to Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team on Tuesday why he puts Coach K as the best of all-time, over Wooden.

"I need to look at the total resume," said Vitale. "Who has the most wins? Coach K, not even close. Who has won more games in the NCAA Tournament? Coach K. Who has won gold medals? I mean, look at the resume. I don’t only look at the titles.

"I don’t look at it like a lot of people. They just look at national titles. The eras were different, in those days you got 32 teams. You win one game and you’re in the Sweet 16. In those days if you played in the West, you played all the teams in the West, they didn’t have teams from all over the country like we do now. And the balance, the one and done. I think the eras are totally different.

"I love John Wooden, the first recipient of the Pyramid Success Award and clearly what Coach Wooden has achieved, I respect so much and admire, but I look at the total resume.

"I’d respect anyone who would say Coach Wooden. I admire and respect that decision but why won’t people respect my decision? Mine is Coach K."

Wooden, former UCLA head coach, won 10 championships in 12 years, including seven in a row.

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