The Yankees head into the Subway Series this weekend tied for first place in their division, have won their last 7 of 8, including 3 in a row, but do we still really know who the Yankees are? 

"No," said former Yankees catch Jim Leyritz, with Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team. "I think it's going to take some time. But its going to take those guys who are borderline guys to have career years.

"It's really finding these guys like [Chris] Young, Stephen Drew, where we weren't sure to expect to have solid years. So that's what their identity is going to become.

"Are these guys going to be able to go out there day and night and be consistent and give the team a chance to win and put some runs on the board? For a pitching staff, we keep asking, are they healthy and will they keep them in every game that they pitch?"

These answers will become more clear as the season goes on and even more so this weekend as the Yankees are staring at three games against the Mets. The trio of pitchers set to start for Terry Collins' crew include Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey and Jonathan Neise. Between the three of them, the highest ERA is 3.50, which belongs to Harvey. Scary good.


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