Tonight was Senior Night for the Bethlehem High School boys lacrosse team, as they took on neighboring Guilderland High School. If you are into small town America events, this evening was right up your alley. As you pulled into the parking lot near the field, a giant American flag draped between two fully extended Delmar Fire Trucks greeted the arriving crowd. A celebration for a dozen high school senior lacrosse players was about to begin, followed by a game of rivals. Not bad if you like a little drama.

The game was great. It was played about how you expect student-athletes from these two high schools to compete with each other in most every sport. Their school districts border each other geographically and many of the students compete with each other on club teams and/or travel teams. The game went back and forth all night with Guilderland finally winning 9-8. A tip of the cap goes to Bethlehem assistant boys lacrosse coach, Tim Hannigan for planning the festivities. Well done.

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Tonight wasn’t about the game, or I should say the score. It was about those dozen or so senior student-athletes that got to be celebrated in front of their friends and families. It’s not easy to play varsity sports in high school. It takes a lot of hard work and practice. It’s cool when you get celebrated for working so hard. That didn’t happen for the seniors last year that played spring sports in 2020. Those games never happened. That’s why tonight was extra important.

Tonight was about life getting back to normal for our students, our families, our neighborhoods. Yeah, I’m sure the players on the Eagles boys lacrosse team would have liked to have sent their seniors out with a victory but in the long run, tonight was really a win for everyone.

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