Matt Harvey and Zach Wheeler have an even bigger hill to climb then anyone thinks. Not only must they win ballgames, not only do they have to help change what has become a losing culture, on top of this they must lead the Mets out of black cloud city.

Lately the Mets have played a much better brand of baseball. That's obvious. Taking a series in Atlanta and then followed that up by taking the series in Philadelphia. Solid baseball in places the Mets have struggled badly, especially Atlanta. But in Mets-ville even wins make you hold your breath.

Days apart the Mets lost relief pitcher Scott Atchison, who pulled a groin warming up on the mound the same night he returned from an previous injury. Not a big loss I must say. But it came on a night the Mets won a ballgame.

Worse is losing starter Jonathan Niese to what is being called a partially torn rotator cuff. The early prognosis is mixed. Rest and try to build up the muscle and avoid surgery. seems to me not many who go this route ever avoid the surgery.

If Niese goes under the knife it figures to be a year before he makes it back, give or take as with any individual. The Mets by the way won that night as well.

Good with the bad is the way with the Mets, and this is what Harvey and Wheeler need to change. The plan right now to have them pitch back to back helps. If the Mets can win on Harvey's night and follow up with a victory on Wheeler's  then the goal is to get a win on any of the 3 remaining starters and go 3-2 in 5 game blocks you have a nice record over the long haul.

Obviously Harvey and Wheeler aren't going to win every start. However if you are the Mets, and crawling comes before walking, just changing the mindset of with some good comes bad, these 2 pitchers are the perfect cure so it seems.

Adding to the good fortune lately has been the play of the outfield, specifically from center field where Juan Lagares and newly acquired Eric Young Jr have started to produce not only on defense but with the bat. The bullpen has been much better lately, led by closer Bobby Parnell who has saved 12 of 15 attempts.

The next step for the Mets to be kept an eye on is can more good things happen then bad. For the Mets that would be a huge leap forward

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