The area might have been used as a set for a fake crime drama television show, but what happened on it Tuesday was very real, and very tragic.

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Crew Member on "Law and Order" Set Killed in New York Tuesday

As reported in a story from The New York Post, as well as numerous other outlets, "Law and Order: Organized Crime" crew member Johnny Pizarro was shot multiple times and killed while on set waiting for crew to arrive for filming on Tuesday.

The incident happened in an outdoor area near McGolrick Park in Brooklyn, which has frequently been used as a filming location for the Law & Order franchise, as well as other shows based in New York City.

As the report explains, Pizarro was sitting in his car (pictured above) around 5:15AM on Tuesday, July 19th, but was not moving, as he was saving the space for other vehicles that would park there when production began later that day.

It was at that time, that the unknown assailant opened the driver's side door, opened fire on the unsuspecting Pizarro, and then fled on foot.

NBC New York did the following news package on the tragedy:

The crew of Law & Order, as well as the family and friends of Pizarro, have all been left searching for answers. Residents in the area claimed that the street is very quiet, and usually, very safe. The general feeling was that an incident of this nature was a surprise to those who know the area best.

A scary side note to this already tragic story: there were people who saw it happen, who thought it was a scripted event. An anonymous passerby claimed that he knew the show was scheduled to film in this location, and when he saw it unfold, he originally assumed that it was being filmed for the show.

It's a dark, twisted bit of irony on top of an already tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of Johnny Pizarro, as well as the cast and crew of the show.

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