This past weekend it was Little League day at Yankee Stadium. For one capital region little league the event was extra special. The Niskayuna little league was selected as the representative to sit in the newest cheering section "The Judge's Chambers" in the outfield seats. Your home for the New York Yankees radio broadcasts is ESPN Radio 1045 The Team. If you were listening to the broadcast over the weekend you may have heard Suzyn Waldman struggling to pronounce Niskayuna (video below)

As Chris Onorato noted, some city names are much difficult to pronounce than others. In fact, certain cities even in New York state are pronounced differently than other cities in the world. No doubt Onorato's point is well taken, but the issue is that it is the second year in a row that Waldman struggled with Niskayuna. Below is a video from a July 16th, 2016 in which Waldman and Yankees broadcaster John Sterling express their lack of knowledge of Niskayuna.

Will Suzyn Waldman get in finally right in the 2018 season? Let us know below.

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