Horse racing is all about expectation.  What do you expect to happen, and how much can you profit off it if you're right.  Here are four things to expect on Belmont Day.

  • A Huge Crowd: Anyone you talk to around the track's expansive ground is calling for an outrageous number of patrons to flock to Long Island to try and catch a glimpse at history.  There's little doubt the number will surge past six figures; most estimations hover in the 120K range, with others daring to range even farther north.
  • A Ten Gallon Hat And An Equally Bold Prediction: California Chrome's mustachioed co-owner, Steve Coburn, has become a favorite of the media over these last five weeks thanks, in now small part, to that less than small 'stache and that equally not subtle hat - to say nothing of his bold predictions.  A month ago he predicted a Triple Crown, whilst wearing the hat.  Look for a repeat.
  • One Hell Of A Race: Win or lose, California Chrome's run for history should be one for the ages.  He's the class of the field, but he'll have significant, testing competition that should make for a great show.
  • The Unexpected: It's horse racing. If you've got a plan and you're not braced for it to fall to pieces before your hopeful eyes, you're just not paying attention.  Something wacky will happen, bank on it.