Certainly products can instantly trigger memories for us. The 'Reggie Bar,' named after Hall of Fame slugger Reggie Jackson is one of those products for me.

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Jackson was a polarizing figure for the New York Yankees and for a young Mets fan whose team stunk, Reggie was an easy Yankee to target. However, no fan could deny that the 'Reggie Bar' was really good! My love for the combination of chocolate, peanuts and caramel exceeded my fandom for any team. For a limited time and supply, the 'Reggie Bar' is back and not easy to find. But we know where to get them.

In a cool story by Laura Albanese of newsday.com, she found that Bobb Howard’s General Store & Auto Repair shop in New Hyde Park was the first and now only one of two stores carrying the iconic candy bar. Eileen Caplin Wysel took over the business that her father started in 1946. She was pretty excited to carry the 'Reggie Bar.'

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“Boy, are we lucky," the store owner told Albanese. "We have people from all over the country calling us, sending us messages, texting us, getting us through the website, saying, 'I need the Reggie Bar. I want the Reggie Bar. My father bought me my first Reggie Bar; my grandfather bought my first Reggie Bar,' and we’re shipping them all over. It brings people back to a simpler time in their life. In the world we live in today, it’s comfort food.”

There is a documentary about Jackson coming out on March 24th on Prime Videos. It's called "Reggie." In celebration and to promote, Jackson had 6000 of his namesake candy bars made and announced the 'Reggie Bar's' return on his Instagram last month. According to Laura Albanese, days later, Bobb Howard’s had sold hundreds of the bars. The going rate of the iconic candy bar at the general store? $2.45, which is about $2.00 more than Bobb Howard's and every other candy store in New York was charging in 1978. Trust me.

GNA Hotshots: Skeeter Creek's 2000th Show at Vapor in Saratoga

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Here are some of our favorite pictures from Claude Sawyer during an epic night of singing, dancing, drinkin', partying, and celebrating with the crew from Skeeter Creek.

Congrats on the 2000 shows and here's to another 20-plus years rocking the Capital Region and beyond.

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