There are three types of play by play broadcasters in this world: the ones that are so boring that it's comical, the onesso excited that it's comical, and the ones that know how to get a big call just right. This guy falls into that final category.

Before the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Houston Rockets, Kobe Bryant was asked about Pau Gasol and his frustration with being benched on multiple occasions this early in the season. Kobe responded by saying that Gasol just needs to "put his big boy pants on."

That comment led to this ingenious dig at the Lakers by Rockets radio announcer Craig Ackerman.

That is a great bit of pot-stirring by Ackerman. Anyone that isn't a Lakers fan or involved with the organization finds the Lakers to be insufferable, with Kobe's teammate-reaming, underbiting face as the talisman of that insufferability. By directly making fun of both the franchise and Bryant, Ackerman did something that we've all dreamed of doing on a platform such as his. For that I commend him.