He’s a only a rookie, but that was an awful performance turned in by Jets quarterback Zach Wilson on Sunday against New England. He got away with poor throws and bad decisions at BYU, but not in the NFL. Wilson needs time to develop and unfortunately it’s not a quick process. There will be better days ahead for Wilson, but Jets fans are just going to need some to show some patience. Wilson completed 19 passes on 33 attempts and ended up with 4 interceptions, 3 of which were in the first half. Although it is early in their careers, the difference in where they played college ball and the preparation for the moment was on display in the game as Mac Jones was just the opposite of Wilson. I personally would have benched Wilson in the second half and Sal Paolantonio agrees with me there and broke down the performance of Wilson and how they can solve his issues. Listen to the interview above.

Sal Pal also broke down the 49ers-Eagles came that he covered for ESPN and also shared with us what Dick Vermeil taught him in terms of finding the real good teams in the NFL. It is a must listen explanation but I will share it with you here as well. Vermeil shared to find what teams are really good, there is a number you can calculate yourself that proves which teams reign supreme. That formula is total pass completions plus rushing attempts. That will tell you all you need to know.

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