International Beer Day falls on a Friday this year! Friday, August 7th is maybe the best holiday ever, International Beer Day. What's your favorite International beer? If you're like me a lot of times the beer you drink is directly related to an event, holiday or setting. So strictly based on the holiday at hand what's your go to international beer? For me I have to go with Guinness or Heineken but what beer is the most popular in New York? crunched the numbers and the three most popular international beers are Corona, Modelo and Guinness. New York is a Corona state. Odd that in a year where everyone seems to wince when they say Corona it's so popular but the data shows it's the top international beer in 32 states. Modelo is second with 10 states, mainly closer to the southern border. Guinness grabbed the remaining eight states. also ranked less popular international beers and New York is a Carlsberg state. They also saw a regions weather seemed to effect the beers consumed.


  • Brrr, almost all the Guinness drinking states are pretty far north. Must be something about scarves and winter storms that make them crave a creamy pint of Ireland’s finest.

  • Heineken was once the most popular foreign beer in America, but it didn’t make the cut. No worries, Hawaii, Montana, and West Virginia still love to put one back.

  • Rhode Island is the only state to prefer the Jamaican beer Red Stripe


What's your beer of choice when you're expanding your drinking borders beyond the good ole USA?


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