There are good insects, fish and plant life and there are deadly insects, predatory fish and dangerous plant life. When it comes to the latter in New York State we need to be aware of their existence before we destroy them, squish them and rip them out.

These are 5 of New York's Most Deadly, Dangerous and Invasive Species. It's time they die.

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This is National Invasive Species Week. Take a look at the pictures below so that you know exactly which invasive species to keep an eye out for in New York State. Here are some descriptions.

  • Northern Snakehead, also known as the Frankenfish. This predator is disrupting the natural feeding cycle for other fish. If you see it, kill it and leave it behind to die.
  • Spotted Lanternfly - These guys feed on and destroy grapes, apples, hops, walnuts and hardwood trees. Look for their egg mass and squish them before they hatch.
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Much of New York's invasive species population arrived here as the result of world travel. Shipping crates, luggage, the ballast water of boats, and even people can unintentionally bring them to new areas.

5 of New York's Most Devastating Invasive Species

Here are 5 species that have invaded New York State and in some cases they must be killed. We are talking about fish that walk on land, plants that cause severe burns and insects that could wipe out a variety of crops that we rely on.

Keep an eye out for these species and you hike, work around the yard or do some fishing this year. Should you locate any of these it is important to report where and when you found them to the New York State DEC.

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