We really hope the Major League Baseball season ends up happening and Jayson Stark is a baseball writing legend who is great to talk about it with. We go over the chance of the season happening, preview the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox and talk about the honor he received last year in Cooperstown and what is was like to be there with the best baseball players ever. Make sure to listen above, it is can't miss!


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: It’s much easier for the Ivy league to cancel fall sports including football, than FBS programs. FBS programs might end up in the same boat, but they will fight the Virus to the bitter end because they don’t want to lose millions of dollars. I can see FBS schools starting college football in the spring. There is just no way to social distance in football, it’s impossible. North Carolina just reported 37 players test positive for Covid-19. How can they possible start a season in September, they can’t.

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