If the Knicks don't get the best ping pong ball of them all and land Duke's Jahlil Okafor, all is not lost any more. The guy sitting at No.2 is turning out to be pretty special.

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Within the last two weeks, Kentucky center Karl-Anthony Towns has not only solidified his spot as the second best in the 2015 NBA Draft, but he's improved his stock greatly.

"I think Karl-Anthony Towns is closing that gap real quick with Jahlil Okafor with the way that he’s playing," said ESPN College Basketball Analyst Sean Farnham. "I think Towns came in as a freshman this year and wanted to showcase his entire skillset. In doing so, he spent time showing that he has good range and he does have good range. He can shoot the ball from the outside.

"The difference is that his level of aggressiveness as of late has separated him now. That’s been the thing that Coach Calipari has tried to focus in with him on.

"Coach Cal told me recently, ‘I don’t want him to be a good player, I want him to be a great player’. To be a great player and understand where he’s going to earn his money is that he has to learn how to play and dominate in the paint.

"[Coach Cal] wants him to become a player that can really exploit the interior of a defense. For the last three weeks, you’ve seen Towns go from the five-feet-and-in area and impose his will on the game.

"I think Towns is going to be an amazing NBA player because of his length and his toughness."

Knicks fans would take Towns on their team today.

And if the Knicks fall to three? Farnham says keep an eye on Willie Callie Stein. Fourth? Probably just keep going down the Kentucky depth chart.

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