The Atlanta Hawks are coming off a season where they surprised everyone by making the Eastern Conference Finals and Kevin Huerter was a the center of it all. As the new season approaches we had Kevin on to talk about the expectations heading into this year and also asked about his contract situation. Make sure to listen above and read some of the highlights below!

  • For the expectations for the season, Kevin said "Every year all you want to do as a team is get better. Last year our goals weren't very lofty, we wanted to make the playoffs, we wanted to be in the playoffs and see what that felt like for the first time obviously with a young team and exceeded those expectations. This year it is not a make ore break year but we are looking to improve. We finally have some carryover, this is my fourth year with Atlanta and this is the first year that most of the team is coming back the same and that is huge chemistry wise."
  • When asked about his contract situation, Kevin told us "We are still working, October 21st is the deadline. Rookie extensions are hard to do. You see this every year, guys go right up to the end negotiating with their teams...whether I sign this year, in the next coupe weeks or not, I am still playing this year for Atlanta. So if something doesn't get done we can look towards next summer. It is a long process, both sides are still talking and I am hoping a deal can get done."

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