The Dwayne Killings' era of UALBANY basketball is under way. Coach Killings has finalized his coaching staff and is working on his roster. DK took some time to introduce us to his new staff and let us know why he chose them to help lead the Great Danes. If we end up being as fired up about this staff as coach Killings is, it's going to be a great time at the SEFCU Arena.

Coach Dwayne Killings' staff consists of Dannton Jackson, Dan Madhavapallil, and KJ Baptiste. as well as assistant coaches Hamlet Tibbs and Matt Griffin. Take a listen to why Killings believes these are the perfect guys to help lead the UALBANY Great Danes men's basketball team.

When I hear the excitement in Coach Killings' voice over his coaching staff I can't wait to see DK getting all fired up on the sideline when he team is playing at SEFCU Arena.

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I can't imagine building a coaching staff, recruiting new talent, trying to keep the talent already on the team and doing interviews all while looking for a place to live. Let's all rally together and see if we can help Killings find his new home here in Albany. Feel free to email or message me with leads and I'll make sure Coach gets them.

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