Kobe Bryant believes that his severe ankle sprain is the result of a dirty play by Atlanta Hawks guard Dahntay Jones.  You be the judge.

The Los Angeles Lakers came up short against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night 96-92.  The biggest storyline following the game is that Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely with a severely sprained left ankle.  Some of Kobe Bryant’s quotes following the game were very blunt.

"You just can't go underneath shooters, man, that's a dangerous play," Bryant said.  "I just think players need to be made conscious of it, and I think officials need to protect shooters, period."  Kobe also added, "I can't get my mind past the fact that I gotta wait a year to get revenge."

Kobe’s most direct quote was saying that Dahntay Jones, “Jalen Rosed me.”  It wasn't a complete coincidence that Rose’s foot caused Kobe to suffer a sprained ankle in the 2000 NBA Finals (videos below).  Kobe is suggesting that his severely sprained ankle last night might not have been a total accident either.

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