The Los Angeles Lakers did a fantastic job paying tribute to Dr. Jerry Buss on Wednesday night.  The tribute was short, sweet, and very powerful.

Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss died at the age of 80 on Monday due to kidney failure.  The Lakers won 10 NBA championships under Buss’ ownership.  He was one of the most loved and adored owners in professional sports.  Several of Buss’ players have let it be known just how much they loved the Lakers’ owner.  Magic Johnson has been very open about his love for Buss.

The Lakers did a fantastic job of paying tribute to Buss before waxing the Boston Celtics 113-99 on Wednesday night at Staples Center.  Kobe Bryant had several nice things to say about Buss.  Then, there was a moment of silence followed by a beautiful quote from the late Jerry Buss about how he wanted the city of Los Angeles totally involved and to identify with the Lakers.  It was a very powerful moment.

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