Death Wish Coffee is the power behind my picks. I fire up a fresh pot and begin to study. Last week was weak to say the least. I went 0 - 3. There's no way I do that again. So let's start this week off and get back on the winning side of the score sheet.

New England Patriots - 9 @ New York Jets: The Jets have been a pleasent surprise so far this season but that ends this week the Patriots will rip them up. Pats - 9

Baltimore Ravens - 6 Vs Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky shows signs of being a legit NFL Starting Quarterback but right now the Ravens will punish that young man and win big. Ravens -6

Arizona Cardinals + 1.5 Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I think the fountain of youth is in Arizona and Adrian Peterson is going to have a big game to make this a happy union. Cards + 1.5

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