Another 2-1 week last week and if it wasn’t for the Oakland Raiders pulling the wool over my eyes again I would of popped a 3-0. So BLEEP the Raiders this week...which means they’ll win.

The Los Angeles Rams are the best team in football and the Denver Broncos are realling I will most likely go against any Case Keenum offense for the rest of the season. He’s a great backup but a subpar starting QB. Give me the star studded LA Rams - 7 in Denver.

The Dallas Cowboys are in disarray. Both the Head Coach and the Quarterback are on the hot seat. The Offensive line is banged up and for the first time in years they’re a “defensive team”. The Jags haven’t put it all together yet this season but they’ve done enough to show glimpses but they’ve done enough to win three games and are top of their division. They will stop Zeke and make Dak beat them...which he will not do. Jags -3 in Big D.

I’ve liked the Baltimore Ravens all season long and even though they’ve lost to the Bengals and Browns they’re a really good team and as close as they’ve been all year to 100%. Bad news for the Titans. Tennessee is better than I thought they’d be but the Ravens take this one. Ravens -3 in Tennessee.

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