Another 2 - 1 week puts us at 5 - 4 for this young season. Thanks to Deathwish Coffee I feel caffeinated and fully fueled to keep on winning with my Week 4 Levack's Locks powered by Deathwish Coffee.

I have no idea who said it first but it just seems polite to dance with who brought you. So I’m staying with the Miami Dolphins. I know what you’re thinking “Levack this is when the Patriots rally together and remind us all the dynasty isn’t over yet”. I feel like it may actually be over and the Dolphins like their fellow ocean dwellers the sharks smell blood in the water. Give me the Fins + 6.5

I think the Detroit Lions have turned the corner and I feel there is really no true home field advantage at Jerry’s World. So I get a team that is on the rise with points against a struggling home team with no real home field advantage. Gimme the Detroit Patricia’s + 3.

I’m not sure how many times I’ll get to do this during this season so I’m a little excited to tell you that I think the Oakland Raiders will win this weekend. The fact that Las Vegas has made the Raiders a favorite in this game shocked me a little. The Browns won a super emotional game last week and people everywhere love them thanks to Baker Mayfield and Hard Knocks. Seems to me like Vegas is begging me to take the Browns so I will take the Raiders to JUST WIN BABY… well just win by more than 3. Raiders -3

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