Another solid week last week let's keep the good times rolling!!! Season total 21-18-3 (3 extra games are from Thanksgiving)

49ers -2.5 over the Jets. The Jets have quit. it’s over. Two terrible teams but the Jets just don’t care at all.

REDSKINS - 2 over the Eagles. The Eagles are in free fall and I don’t see the leadership needed to pull them out of it. the receivers drop EVERYTHING and the running game has been eh. Washington is just plain better and Kirk Cousins is still playing for a contract. Look for a little FAT ROB action in this one.

BROWNS +5.5 over the Cincinnati Bengals! I have said all season long the Browns WILL NOT go 0-16 and this will be their FIRST win of the season! Hue Jackson knows that Bengals teams better than anyone not named Marvin Lewis and will exploit their weaknesses...and they have plenty! PLUS RG III is back and he has A LOT TO PROVE.