There's NFL action Saturday, Sunday and Monday this weekend. The spread out games will be great because I can focus on more games real time. Last week I threw up a in ZERO but it was a good thing because it was in the loss column. After a 3 - 0 making my record 28-18-1. This weekend I like a lot of games. I listed the "possibles" then my three Levack Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee the World's Strongest Coffee are below.

Possibly Bills -2 over Lions, 49ers +4 over Seahawks, Rams -11 over Eagles

SATURDAY NFL GAMES ARE BACKKKKK!!! Jets host the Texans. Sam Darnold is exciting and makes the Jets offense less offensive BUT JJ Watt and JaDeveon Clowney need to win to keep distance between the Texans and the red hot Colts. As Goz knows JJ LOVES THE SPOTLIGHT!!! This will be the only game on Saturday at 4:30 gimme those Watts...I mean Texans - 6.

Staying on Saturday, I wouldn’t want to play the Cleveland Browns right now. For two years I have been saying look out because when they get it right it will not be pretty for opposing teams. Denver...they got it right. Look out Case in trouble! Browns + 3

If there's one thing I know it's that Tom Brady loves to beat Ben Rothlisberger. All time Brady is 8 - 2 versus "BIG" Ben. Simply put it's about to be 9 - 2. Patriots -3


IT’s rare you get to see the exact moment a player and team quit in the NFL. Sure you can look back and say “Oh they were never the same after week whatever” but I watch the fight leave Cam Newton’s face in the fourth quarter last week against the Browns. The second leading scorer for the Panthers is Graham Gano and it’s not even close. Only Christian McCaffrey has more points than Gano with 78 to 72 next closest is Curtis Samuel with 36 and Gano is Questionable. How good will the kicker be if he even plays? TE Greg Olsen and RT Daryl Williams are on the IR. You need all your horses if you’re going to stop the Saints. Even Though the Panthers are way better at home it won’t be enough. Saints - 6

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