So far my season record is an uninspiring 22-20-3


Giants- 4 over the Lions at Metlife! The Lions need last minute heroics every week from Matthew Stafford. The Giants defense has turned out to be pretty awesome especially when they blitz.


Ravens -5.5 over the Eagles. It may feel like I’m picking on the Eagles at this point but I just see a lack of focus and dare I say talent right now. I might be willing to call this the Chip Kelly hangover but end of the day the Ravens defense is solid and Joe Flacco can still ball. Ravens are very much alive and in the hunt for the postseason while the Eagles...are not!


My dog of the week is a Cat!!! Bengals +3 at home against Pittsburgh This is the Bengals Super Bowl...they’re playing for pride, for jobs and most importantly to keep the Steelers out of the postseason as well.