Worst week yet last week as #LoserLevack lived up to his name. I went 1 - 2 on a week I thought I had really figured it out. This brings my season total to 10-10-1. The only thing worse is on the show I went 0 - 3 for Fantasy vs Reality. Back at it this week because as we all know"Scared Money Don't Make Money." Here are my week 8 locks powered by Death Wish Coffee the world's strongest coffee.

Cleveland + 13 at New England

Sometimes you feel like the only way to truly beat Bill Belichick is dumb luck. Well I think the Browns have the dumb part on lock down. They also have the better athletes. I look for the Browns pass rush to keep Brady out of the end zone and the trio of Nick Chubb, OBJ and Jarvis Landry to keep this close.

Browns +13

Jets + 6.5 at Jags

I love Gardner Minshew but the Jets aren't as bad as they looked last week and Jacksonville is no New England.

Jets + 6.5

Eagles at Bills - 1.5

Eagles are dealing with tons of drama and this is week three of a three week road trip where they faced the Vikings, Cowboys and now the Bills. The Bills defense will win this game for Buffalo.

Bills -1.5


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