Current record 13-12-2

Jets -1.5 over the Rams in New York. I know the Jets have tons of issues. Everything from who should be QB to defensive stars being late to meetings and skipping walk through. All that being said i just feel like this game is set up perfectly for Gang Green to get it done and don’t be shocked if Bryce Petty gets in and saves the day.

Cardinals -14 hosting the San Francisco 49ers. Looks man it’s Veterans could i not take Pat Tillman’s team over Colin “The Cry Baby” Kaepernik’s team. I also happens to think the Cards are just that much better than the 49ers.

Seahawks + 7.5 in New England vs the Patriots. Look the Pats will most likely win this game and I’m hoping to see Albany’s own Dion Lewis go off in this game BUT I think the Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFC and could very well be in Houston for Super Bowl 51. This could literally be the match up we’re watching on February 5th.