New York Jets QB Sam Darnold isn't the only one seeing ghosts lately. I'm starting to feel haunted myself with the way my Locks have been going. I walked into last week with a 10-10-1 record and felt great about my Locks which were and are powered by Death Wish Coffee "The World's Strongest Coffee" and I went 0-3. So now I'm limping along at 10-13-1. It's time to do what I do best and go with my gut! Let's start the second half of the NFL season with some winners...PLEASE!!!

Vikings at Chiefs -2

Vikings are kicking butts and taking names and the Chiefs may or may not be without Patrick Mahomes. I think the Chiefs will find a way to win this game. Andy Reid could be the best regular season coach I've ever seen.

Chiefs -2

Packers -3.5 at Chargers

I refuse to bet on the Chargers. This is a team in total and complete free fall and the Pack is for real.

Packers -3.5

Jets - 3 at Dolphins

This one hurts me! I really hope I'm wrong but the Dolphins have been playing better and better meanwhile the Jets look completely lost. I hope the Jets find a way to win this game but by less than 3.

Dolphins +3

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