This is easily one of the best catches of the entire season.  LSU’s Jarvis Landry makes a sweet one-handed catch against the Razorbacks.

LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger connected with wide receiver Jarvis Landry for a memorable 22-yard touchdown against Arkansas on Friday.  With 1:12 to play in the 1st half, Landry made one of the most acrobatic catches of the season to give LSU a 10-0 lead.  He soared through the air and grabbed the ball with one hand while keeping his body in bounds.

Initially, I thought Landry caught the ball with his right hand while signaling that he was #1 with his left hand.  This would’ve clinched this fantastic grab by Landry as the catch of the year, but after looking at it again, there was no #1 signal.  I’m not knocking him.  It’s still an unbelievable catch and possibly the best catch of the college football season.  LSU held on to win the game 20-13 against Arkansas.

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