We are having a raging debate within the Game On circle (Game On being the Radio Show I host Mon-Fri 3-7pm est on WTMM in Albany, NY). What can/should the Knicks do to move forward? Unless you think the Knicks have the horses not to just make the playoffs, but to make some noise.

My answer is to sign former Knick malcontent Stefan Marbury. Sure, he is a goofball. Sure, he underachieved after former team President Isiah Thomas brought him back to New York. However look at the upside- what would it cost? A few thousand bucks. The Knicks print money no big deal.

Marbury just finished up the season in China, and in true Marbury fashion, it was with controversy. He is accused of getting into several skirmishes with Chinese fans and refs. This isn't about Marbury's clean record or character issues. This is about helping the Knicks. If Marbury has any further NBA hopes, this is a great opportunity for him to showcase them. Make good for a month or so. See what his skills are. See if he plays better with teammates. See if he can fit into TEAM and not ME. Do you really think Carmelo will be able to carry the Knicks like he did for Syracuse 9 years ago? He won't. The Knicks (with a bevy of banged-up point guards) could use Marbury's explosivness. Baron Davis is hurting. Jeremy Lin is out. Mike Bibby is old and finished.

Now to Lamar Odom, who was let go in a mutual move by himself and the Dallas Mavericks. I don't see any minutes or usefulness for Odom.  My Producer and show contributor Pierce Brix says Odom can help. I don't see it. Odom seems only happy in Los Angeles where his wife's family (the Kardashians) for some reason have the town foaming at the mouth at their every move. I say no to Odom.

Now whether you agree or disagree with the first two I dare say you can't find a Knicks fan who would say he or she welcomes back Isiah Thomas. Zeke (as he is known) was a lousy coach in Florida, as his record indicates, but it's his record with the Knicks that I want no part of. Giving huge bucks and destroying the franchise for several years is Isiah's track record. Why the Knicks would even entertain the thought of bringing him back is beyond strange. He seems to have this bond with Knick lead dog James Dolan. Who can explain why. I won't trash Dolan here. The guy is a joke and any Knicks or Rangers fan can tell you this. While the Rangers are enjoying some success now you add up the record under Dolan's watch and it's uglier then Roseanne Barr at 7 am.

Isiah wasted money on Marbury, Francis, James, Curry, McGrady and many others. His advice and "expertise" isn't needed (or even wanted) here.

I say bring back Marbury and let's see if he can be a good NBA citizen and teammate. No to Odom or Isiah. What is your view of these three, and would you like to see any of them  come to NY and work/play with the Knicks?

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