Finally Shaun Marcum won a ballgame for the NY Mets. All Met fans should rejoice because Marcum figures to be a key player for the Mets. Why You ask would I put such stock in a guy who was 0-9 coming into the game vs The White Sox Wednesday night?

Very simple. Should Marcum pitch like he has much of his career before this years 1st half disaster, the Mets can deal him for a nice prospect and continue their rebuilding process.

Pitching is always in demand at the trade deadline, be it the non waiver deadline of July  31st, the waivers needed deadline of August 30th, or even in September when any player acquired would not be available for the playoffs for his new team.

Not only is pitching always a hot commodity, but teams will overpay for a piece they think can get them to the World Series. Marcum could be this sort of piece.

There figures to be a number of non contenders who will deal pitching, hitting, anything to acquire a good prospect. The Mets should be no different.

The Mets won't be contending this year. Anyone whop thinks different is fooling themselves despite their mostly solid play lately. There are several players I would look to move at the deadlines, not just Marcum.

John Buck, Latroy Hawkins, even Bobby Parnell, and Marcum would be tops on my list to move. All veterans. All at positions that teams crave. Marcum happens to be the best of all if career numbers mean anything.

Marcum came into the year 57-36 in his injury plagued career. That is big time good. he hasn't exactly done it with great teams either. Milwaukee and Toronto are where he played previous. Marcum is a solid pitcher despite his poor start to this year.

Marcum in getting the win Wednesday night avoided becoming the 1st starter in the majors to go 0-10 since 2007. St Louis Starter Anthony Reyes turned that trick. Marcum went 8 innings vs the Chisox and scattered 3 hits. His control was spotty, throwing 86 pitches, only 57 strikes. But no matter he kept the Sox off the board and led the Mets to a nice win.

With the additional wild card in play more teams will be in contention, some with false hope. Who cares if you are the Mets. The hope is that with many teams looking for that 1 last piece or player that teams will bid high to trump their competition. Again look at Marcum's career numbers. Despite several major arm surgeries in his career, Marcum has won ball games.

If Marcum can string together 6-7 starts before July ends he figures to draw some interest. That means prospects. This means Met fans of all the players on the team, even Matt Harvey and Zach Wheeler, it is Marcum who can help the Mets the most right now continue to improve and restock a farm system that is mostly bereft of outfield hitting talent.