Did you get caught in the longer-than-normal lines waiting to get into Saratoga Race Course Saturday? The addition of metal detectors on the day of the Jim Dandy Stakes made for some slower admission. I noticed some outrage and disappointment on social media Friday night when the first pictures of the metal detectors were posted, but if I share either of those emotions, it is only disappointment. Not because NYRA has gone to these measures, but because it is simply indicative of the world in which we live. I have no problem with NYRA taking this step to ensure people's safety. Too often we wait for something tragic to happen to react. This is a proactive approach which, while it saddens me, is necessary. With more than 38,000 people on Saratoga Race Course grounds Saturday, who is to say one of them couldn't have ugly intentions? We all want to believe we're in a safe zone when surrounded by Saratoga's beauty and unfortunately that is no longer a guard we can afford to let down.

NYRA has implemented some new security measures for the 2017 Saratoga meet and the metal detectors are explained here in a statement from NYRA Director of Communications & Public Affairs Pat McKenna:

NYRA will be utilizing enhanced security screening periodically throughout the 2017 Saratoga meet. This includes the use of magnetometers that are now standard at arenas, stadiums and airports, including other Capital Region sports and entertainment venues. We thank our loyal fans for their patience and will do everything possible to expedite entry while also ensuring safety.

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