If you ask me about the first thing I think of when I hear the phrase “popping bottles,” it’s not exactly Jim Gray.  Metta World Peace might disagree.

Metta World Peace has done some unique things and made some interesting comments throughout his NBA career.  This comment that Metta makes to Jim Gray about popping bottles is hilarious.  I love Jim Gray’s response to World Peace’s bottle popping request, “Maybe (dramatic pause) another time.”  Great stuff.

Jim Gray also managed to work in a very good question about DeMarcus Cousins getting a two-game suspension for confronting San Antonio Spurs commentator Sean Elliott.  Gray asked World Peace about the advice he would give to an athlete who has gone through a few issues in his NBA career.

Metta World Peace didn’t give any inspiring advice (he basically said just deal with it), but it was still a great question by Gray.  Metta then proceeded to ask Jim Gray if he wanted to pop bottles.  Somehow, that was an obvious transition in the mind of Metta World Peace.  He definitely keeps things interesting.  By the way, Metta World Peace did this interview with Jim Gray on Sunday night just after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings 103-90.

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