As you know, I'm a University of Maryland graduate and a huge Terps fan.  But my latest quest has taken on a whole new meaning of the term, "fanatic."

It started about 2 months ago during my regular trip to the grocery store to pick up my morning newspapers.  I walked by one of those gumball machines that happen to be selling mini-college football helmets.  I took a closer look and saw a University of Maryland helmet in the middle of the pack.  And I knew I had to have one.

The funny thing is, I know it's only a little cheap plastic piece of junk, but I thought it would be pretty cool to have the mini-Terps helmet on display in my office.

What started out as a goof quickly turned into an obsession.  Everyday, I would drop 50 cents or a dollar to purchase a helmet or two.  I started to realize that getting my Maryland helmet wasn't going to be easy.  I then thought, "Why not just collect them all?"  What better way to justify my silly spending spree?

I even went so far as to do online research.  I found out that there were 4 conferences in the collection of 33 total helmets.  The ACC, Big East, Big 10, SEC and Big 12 were all represented.

I'm not going to lie, the anticipation of putting my two quarters in the machine, turning the knob and finding out which team I've gotten makes me giddy like a school-girl!

It seemed like everytime I thought I had the Terps helmet in hand, I get an Auburn one.  If there are any Penn State fans out there, I think I have an extra helmet or four.

I now have over 24 helmets - unfortunately, I've only managed to collect 15 of the 33 in the set (the other 9 are doubles).

I still don't have my Terps helmet but my quest continues.  I will not stop until I get one - even if it means I have to curb my entertainment expenses for the month!