The new head softball coach at Siena is a local favorite and she is a good choice. Casey Halloran Bump joined the show to discuss the new position and she is ready to go! Find out how she plans on recruiting and more by listening above and make sure to listen from 10 AM to 1 PM every weekday.


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: The counter proposal made by the Major League Baseball Players Association, has no chance of getting approval from MLB Owners. But it wasn’t supposed too. All we can hope for, is it ignites further talks on more common grounds. The Owners aren’t going to agree to a 114 game season fully prorated, nor should they, not without fans. Super Star players are not interested in playing for a lot less money, unless the dollars are deferred. Both sides better move fast, because not having a season hurts both and is downright embarrassing. Unfortunately some owners are willing to quit on the season.

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