This may not be a surprise, but New York Sport teams are having a bad year, mainly in the New York City area.

Rolling Stone recently put out a list of the 15 worst owners in the country. The way they comprise this list is by the owners' willingness to spend money, winning record, and the biggest factor: the type of person the owners are.

Now, New York has the most educated and passionate fans in the country. Unfortunately, that doesn't factor in how well a beloved team does.

Rolling Stone's list includes a staggering four New York sport team owners, compared to the city with the second most, Cleveland, with two. The New York Core Four of awful owners includes No.15, Charles Wang of the New York Islanders; No.14, New York Mets family owners The Wilpons; No.12, "the great" Jets owner Woody Johnson; and No.3, JD & The Straight Shot's own lead singer Knicks owner James Dolan.

As much as I myself love the state of New York, every single one of these owners deserves to be on this list. Without Daniel Snyder's name controversy, I would argue with you that James Dolan is the worst owner of ALL-TIME.

Check out the full list below, via Rolling Stone.

15. Charles Wang, New York Islanders
14. The Wilpons, New York Mets
13. The Ricketts Family, Chicago Cubs
12. Woody Johnson, New York Jets
11. Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panthers
10. David Glass, Kansas City Royals
9. Mike Brown, Cincinnati Bengals
8. Jimmy Haslam, Cleveland Browns
7. Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon, Oklahoma City Thunder
5. The DeVos Family, Orlando Magic
4. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
3. James Dolan, New York Knicks/Rangers
2. Jeffrey Loria, Miami Marlins
1. Daniel Snyder, Washington Redskins

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