Such is the way right now for Albany High, having lost their 41st straight game. The Falcons lost their 41st straight game Friday dropping a 43-6 decision to Bethlehem.

The Falcons lost five turnovers in dropping yet another game.

Mike Graves and Jason Clas each ran for two touchdowns leading Bethlehem to the easy win. After the game, head coach of the hometown Falcons Jon McClement said "all anyone is going to measure us by is wins and losses. We didn't get the win but this team is progressing every day."

The state's longest losing streak is now at 41. Last time Albany won a football game was the second to last game of the 2007 season! That's right almost five years since Albany High School has won a game.

Not sure what McClement is judging by in terms of the team getting better. Five turnovers and a 37 point loss?

McClement stressed the team is getting better at the fundamentals and is doing well or better in the classroom. That's great. But no wins since 2007 is not so great!

After losing their 40th in a row last week, 47-25 to Saratoga,  McClement said  "we showed signs last week and at times today but we have to work on being a disciplined team." I would suggest all that is good coach but how about a victory?  41 straight losses is the longest current streak in the entire State of New York!